Quartier Artisan

Located in Fatima district of Lac-Mégantic, the Quartier Artisan offices will revitalize this portion of the city that was destroyed during the recent railway tragedy. This architectural design aims to support the  organization’s mission, which promotes the development of Quebec  entrepreneurs artisans, while contributing to the sustainable development of Lac-Mégantic. Acting as a hub for recruitment, training and meetings, this open space is meant to be convivial and unifying.

The place is composed of a co-working space, an administrative space as well as a common kitchen that can accommodate groups of artisans for workshops or young professionals. Due to uses’ emplacement and interrelation, this project takes advantage of the available sunlight to promote exchanges and efficiency at work.

Date : 2021
Site : Lac-Mégantic
Surface : 100 m2

Client : Quartier Artisan

Phase : Conception
Photos : Othmane Laraki for Marilène Blain-Sabourin, Architecte

A reception area is available upon arrival at headquarters. On one hand, it offers the possibility of closing the space for more privacy. On the other, it offers the possibility of opening up during events. For its part, the common kitchen becomes the gathering link around which the administrative offices and the training / co-working space are centered.

Discreetly, in the background, a library allows objects produced by local artisans to be exhibited and becomes a permanent showcase for anyone who visits it. Art here is a pretext to animate a neighborhood, promote entrepreneurship on a human scale, bring communities together and propel passions while architecture is its medium.