Uapishka View Point

Located in the heart of the Manicouagan-Uaphiska World Biosphere Reserve, this belvedere, the result of co-design and collaboration with the Pessamit community, will highlight the territories lost under the stagnant waters of the Manicouagan Reservoir. These flooded territories today form a transformed cultural landscape, testifying entangled territorialities.

Date : 2023
Site : Uaphiska Scientific Station, Manicouagan Lake-Reservoir
Area : 10 m2

Client : Station Uaphiska

Phase : Completed
Images : Othmane Laraki for Marilène Blain-Sabourin, Architect

The Uapishka station is currently working to develop knowledge dissemination tools for the purposes of education and awareness of current and future generations, as well as a network of interpretive trails started in 2020, in partnership with the Pessamit community. Via this network, the station wishes to mobilize and disseminate certain ancestral knowledge relating to life in Innu territory, then ensure an in-depth understanding of the Innu use and occupation of this portion of Nitassinan, including the existence of cultural sites of ‘importance. At the intersection of the architectural approach and land use planning, this belvedere will support the actions of the resort and the needs of the community. Recalling the Teueikan, a shamanic drum formerly used to communicate with the spirits, the view point offers a magnificent view of the reservoir lake and allows you to better understand the impact of the construction of the Manic-5 dam on the natural and cultural landscapes. It marks the territory and marks a contemporary occupation of Nitassinan by the community of Pessamit.

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