The agency offers an architectural approach that demonstrates sensitivity to human and landscape aspects regarding the creation of unique contemporary projects that are perfectly integrated within their environment. Based on ethical and ecological choices, each project is adapted to both the clients’ specific needs and the intrinsic qualities of the site.

Les frontalières

Contemplative architecture

An architectural project becomes a visible landmark on the territory, influencing how it is discovered and experienced. 

It makes it possible to create magnificent sites, while fostering contemplation of the setting’s natural environment. This approach, resulting from sustainable design, connects humankind and the built environment to the landscape in which they evolve.   

Les frontalières

Collective architecture

In parallel to its practice, the firm works on the Paysages fragilisés project. This research project aims to strengthen relationships between fragile territories, their once-malleable limits, local populations, and architecture.
By providing the possibility of formalizing and qualifying these relationships, architecture becomes a vector of change to improve the living conditions of these populations. Indeed, through community participation in project deployment, the architect’s work can play a role in supporting the ecological, economic, and contemplative development of these territories that are often fragile as a result of anthropogenic activities.  

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Feasibility studies and expertise

Evaluation of the feasibility of a project based on the site, budgets, and specific timelines. Analysis of the regulations in force and preparation of documents required for permits.

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Creation of aesthetic and sustainable solutions to bring customers’ needs to life.

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Quote analysis

Customer guidance for the selection of various stakeholders.

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Building site surveillance

Customer representation at the building site and verification of workmanship quality, all while coordinating various stakeholders.