AstroLab Annex

Architectural project is a support which aims to increase the awareness of the population to scientific and technical culture in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, aerospace and related disciplines.

Date : 2021
Place : Mont-Megantic National Park, Canada
Surface extension : 30 m2
Client : Sepaq
Phase : Conception
Photos : Othmane Laraki for Marilène Blain-Sabourin, Architecte

Through the observation of the sky, the activities supported by the architecture of the place showcase the results of research and technological advances in these areas, while generating an increased interest in scientific and technical careers.

The extension of the existing building will allow the protection and storage of astronomical instruments while adhering to the new outdoor observation area master plan.

The conceptual premises of the extension are based on the architectural language of the adjacent building and underline its particular aestheticism. The continuity of materiality offer a united reading of the built environment while the form confirm the radial explosion explored in the original implantation.