Les frontalières

Building in nature is paradoxical. How can we experience mountainous landscapes without negatively impacting the local environment? Left and right, exceptional natural sites are gradually being destroyed by the increasing interest of users. Les Frontalières offer an alternative to this new imperative by facilitating immersive access to the Mont Mégantic region’s cultural landscapesvia the Sentiers Frontaliers trails, allwhile supporting the conservation of its environment.

Date : 2018
Place : Mont-Mégantic Area, Estrie
Surface : 10 m2
Phase : Conception and fund raising
Images : Marilène Blain-Sabourin, Architect

The location of these punctual sites has been designed to support walkers and make their itinerary more enjoyable. Lighting effects,choice of materials, and targeted viewpoints make it possible to go beyond pre-established frontiers, all while fostering introspection.

In continuity with the white mountains, these Frontalières are treated as a homogeneous, introverted volume that prompts curiosity by providing a brief glimpse of its textures.The installations’ envelope is sharply defined against the shape and continuation of the mountainous reef whereas the materials evoke inner wealth.   

Although each of them possesses its own profile, personality, and individuality, they are all interconnected.